Supplemental Figure 4: MEDIPS saturation plots of chicken embryonic gonads after in ovo exposure to ethynylestradiol

Supplemental Figure 4 supporting: Keiko Shioda et al. “Transcriptomal and epigenetic preservation of genetic sex identity in estrogen-feminized male chicken embryonic gonads”
Supplemental Figure 4: MEDIPS saturation plots.

Chicken embryos (29 total) were exposed to 20 microgram/egg ethynylestradiol or vehicle oil emulsion from incubation day 6, and their gonads were collected on day 19. Genomic DNA of these gonads were subjected to the MeDIP method of genomic DNA methylation profiling using deep sequencing. This figure shows saturation plot anlaysis performed for gonads showing various degrees of feminization [feminization scores (FS) = 0,1,2,3, and FS=3 ovaries exposed to ethynylestratiol (EE2)] using the bioconductor package MEDIPS.