3D reconstructions of ChAT shRNAmir construct injections

Media for Figure 1B of manuscript titled: "Single promoter control of a chemogenetic receptor and a ChAT suppressing microRNA in macaque striatum".

Movies of 3D reconstructions of shRNAmir construct injections using histology against the CFP or mCherry protein. See paper for color legends of individual constructs.

Associated manuscript abstract:
Studying functional roles of isolated neuron populations in the primate brain is challenging, primarily due to difficulties in targeting specific mechanisms, regional localization and verification of correct expression. Here we show advances on all three fronts: we specifically modulate cholinergic signaling of striatal interneurons by shRNAmir and pair it with a chemogenetic silencing receptor, hM4Di_CFP, that can function as an in vivo and in situ reporter. Quantitative analyses by visual and deep learning assisted methods confirm coregulation of hM4Di_CFP and ChAT protein suppression for several shRNAmir constructs. hM4Di_CFP thus acts as a readout for shRNAmir and potential regional silencing control.