FCS files to support F1 females IFNg panel Figs 4 in "The ancestral environment shapes antiviral CD8+ T cell responses across generations"

This data set corresponds to F1 female data shown in Figure 4

Figure 4: In the MLN, F0 AHR activation alters the CD8+ T cell response of female and male F1 but not F3 generation offspring.

F1 and F3 generation offspring were generated as shown in Fig 1A. 7-9 adult F1 and F3 generation offspring from each treatment group were infected with IAV and MLN cells were harvested on day 8 (males) or 9 (females) post infection.

This is FCS data for (C) The number of IFNg+CD8+ T cells in female F1 (left) and F3 (right) offspring.