H1N1 pdm PA::GFP intracellular movement in Latrunculin A (1 µm) treated A549 cells during infection

2019-11-07T18:04:11Z (GMT) by Amar Bhagwat Seema Lakdawala
TIFF series of diSPIM datasets, fused and deconvolved, from A549 cells infected with H1N1 pdm PA::GFP and treated with latrunculin A (1 µm). Each TIFF file is a full cell volume of 50 planes, with isotropic resolution of 330nm, each .zip file is an independent replicate with at least 1 or 2 cells analyzed for 3D tracking of cytoplasmic foci with 500 time stamps. These data correspond to Supplementary Movie 8 and analysis of these movies provided data presented in Figure 4 and Supplementary Figure 8.

Supplementary Movie 8: A549 cells infected with H1N1 pandemic influenza expressing GFP-tagged PA protein and treated with latrunculin A (1 µm).

Figure 4: Effect of cytoskeleton depolymerization on motion dynamics of influenza vRNP in A549 cells.

Supplementary Figure 8: Impact of cytoskeletal depolymerizing drugs on the transport of PA::GFP.