Supplemental Table 4: List of genes differentially expressed in chicken embryonic gonads with various degrees of feminization after in ovo exposure to ethynylestradiol

Supplemental Table 4 supporting: Keiko Shioda et al. “Transcriptomal and epigenetic preservation of genetic sex identity in estrogen-feminized male chicken embryonic gonads”
Supplemental Table 4: Differentially expressed genes.

Chicken embryos (29 total) were exposed to 20 microgram/egg ethynylestradiol or vehicle oil emulsion from incubation day 6, and their gonads were collected on day 19. This table shows list of differentially expressed genes in chicken embryonic gonads showing various degrees of feminization after exposure to ethynylestradiol determined by RNA-seq. Induction or suppression comparing various degrees of feminization scores (FS= 0,1,2,3) are shown in the tag labels.